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30 Giant Marconi Sweet Pepper Seeds

  • Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
  • 数量: 单次下单最多购买 10件
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I am not a professional vendor but I do grow seeds for my garden. I only choose the best seeds, and sell the surplus. All seeds are hand-sorted.

I grow them carefully, using only organic fertilizers (cow manure, compost).

This pepper has an unique taste - sweet with a tint of spicy. Very good for stuffing and salads.

Matures: 75-80 days. Giant Marconi pepper produces fruit until late autumn.

Spacing: 20-22" apart. Adult plants should touch each other with their leaves.

Plant height: 4-5 ft.

Fruit length: up to 11".

Fruit weight: up to 3/4 lb.

Germination  18-21 days.

All these pictures I took in my garden...  and in my kitchen.

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